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Turtle Club

Safety professionals are always looking for new ways to promote safety both on and off the job. While incentives and awards programs are excellent, most focus on accident prevention. The Turtle Club honors men and women who escaped injury because they were wearing hard hats at the time of industrial accidents. It is a participatory program for workers that have proven to be a valuable adjunct to traditional industry head protection safety efforts.

Over 50 Years and Still Going Strong
Before the days of OSHA and ANSI, the Turtle Club was founded to help increase safety on industrial job sites by encouraging the use of hard hats. the Turtle Club was founded in 1946 by C. R. “Rusty” Rustemeyer, Safety Director at Canadian Forest Products, Ltd. In 1950, Mr. Edward W. Bullard, Sr., was then appointed the Turtle Club sponsor. This appointment was particularly appropriate since, in 1919, Mr. Bullard developed the industries’ first universally accepted hard hat, the original “Hard Boiled®” hat. Today the club’s international sponsor is Mr. E. D. “Jed” Bullard, grandson of E. W. Bullard. Because of Jed Bullard’s commitment and efforts, interest in the club remains active, and membership continues to grow.

A Tradition Continues
Membership requirements for the Turtle Club are the same today as they were in 1946. Men and women who have escaped serious injury by wearing hard hats can be nominated for membership by their supervisor or company safety director. Each new member receives a hard hat with the turtle club logo of their choice. There are no dues or membership fees.

A Dedication to Safety
Members of the club pledge to “Practice safety, wear head protection when necessary and to conscientiously encourage others to do so.” This pledge, though over 50 years old, is just as important today as it was five decades ago.

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Member – Ian Colon
Department – CAN
Location – Little Rock, Arkansas

Member – Sean Baughman
Department – South Mississippi Electric Power Association
Location – Collins, Mississippi

Member – Tyler Boyd
Department – IRISNDT
Location – Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta

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Save-A-Life Club Recognition Program

The Bullard Save-A-Life Club is a reward and recognition program for firefighters who save a civilian life or escape a life-threatening situation while using a Bullard Thermal Imager.

SALC medals and giveawaysFire departments inducted into the Bullard Save-A-Life Club are honored with a local award ceremony, at which rescuers receive recognition awards that commemorate the life-saving event. Department leaders, local funding leaders and TI trainers receive personalized recognition gifts as well. Members of the local media are invited to cover the event.

If firefighters in your department have saved a life while using a Bullard TI, be sure to submit your story for proper recognition. Click here for a list of current members of the Bullard Save-A-Life Club.

The Bullard Save-A-Life Club provides local recognition for departments whose firefighters have saved a life while using a Bullard TI. 

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May 28, 2017
Department: Manatee County Search and Rescue
Location: Parrish, Florida
Commander Jared Leggett, Logistics Officer Sheena Leggett, Training Officer Michael Dvorack, and K9 Kanin

December 12, 2016
Member: Mike Stromberg
Department: Joliet Fire Dept.
Location: Joliet, Illinois
John Merriman – Captain
Brian Baudek – Apparatus Operator

April 24, 2016
Department: Marion County Fire Rescue
Location: Ocala, Florida
Firefighters: Lieutenant Robert Kruger, Lieutenant Bob Walsh, Engineer Michael Hoover, Engineer Daniel Tew, Firefighter/EMT Charles Carey, and Firefighter/EMT Levi Nevels

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